Organized By ITT

ITT is a one-stop-shop for organizations seeking turnkey solutions and best practices in Tech Events, ICT systems, infrastructure & resourcing; aiming to achieve overall performance improvement, business growth and operational excellence. ITT offers a breadth of services spanning from tech event organizing, engineering and project design to implementation and deployment.

ITT organize hackathons to encourage Malaysians to enter competitive learning and coding process. ITT aims to establish a great platform for young people to realize their dreams of building their own tech applications, without the usual hassle of strict terms and contracts.

ITT’s KISS sessions are one of the famous events among youths. KISS stands for Knowledge and Information Sharing Sessions which have been conducted in various places in Malaysia. Several tech speakers have taken part in KISS sessions in the last two years.


ITT’s Workshops are another addition to our events as we conduct several workshops on Cyber Security, Start Ups, Big Data Analytics and more. ITT’s workshops have been conducted in all over Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Guam, Vietnam, Cambodia and more.

ITT custom design and develop events for our clients based on their requirement, theme and budget.

Powered by MDEC

Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation Sdn. Bhd. (MDEC) is the holistic, government-owned agency launched in 1996 to pioneer the transformation of Malaysia’s digital economy. Its roots stemmed from Vision 2020, the plan to develop Malaysia into a fully-developed nation by 2020.

MDEC pursues a digital future that unlocks significant economic, environmental, and social value within the nation. MDEC was entrusted to oversee the development of the MSC Malaysia initiative, the platform to nurture the growth of local tech companies whilst attracting foreign direct investments (FDIs) and domestic direct investments (DDIs) from global multinational companies. The impact of this includes increasing Malaysia’s Gross National Index, bridging the income gap and improving standards of living.



KnowledgeCom Corporation (KCOM) is a specialized company that aims to UP-Skill the workforce of the nation by training and certifying public and private universities students, fresh graduates, government servants and professionals.

With over a decade of experience, we design and deliver programs that will create high income, high employability – as catalyst for an efficient workforce on all types of sectors.

We were incorporated in September 2001 and since then we have engaged with over 1000 companies/10000 students in providing our specialised services. Our motto, ‘Empowering Skills, Forging Success’’ has become our mantra in delivering exceptional results for government and private entities. Our list of clients includes a large amount of HRFD contributing companies, Government agencies, MNC companies, SMI/SME organization and public/private universities.

Unit Perancangan Ekonomi Negeri Pulau Pinang

Unit Perancangan Ekonomi Negeri Pulau Pinang, (UPEN Penang) is the state economy body which is in charge for state expenses and investment.
Economic Planning Unit of Penang handles financial matters pertaining to land, agriculture and forestry, local government, civil and water works, and state administration. They do get involved in matters that fall under the joint purview of both state and federal authorities include social welfare, wildlife protection and national parks, scholarships, husbandry, town planning, drainage and irrigation, and public health and health regulations as well. UPEN Penang have various programs for technology related activities in Penang and hackathon is part of such activity.

Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB)

Iskandar Investment Berhad (IIB) is a Catalyst of Change and a key player in Iskandar Malaysia’s transformation into a regional metropolis of international standing. Incorporated in November 2006, IIB is tasked to ensure Iskandar Malaysia continues its successful trajectory into an attractive investment destination and a vibrant liveable region via catalytic and high impact projects. IIB focuses on the development of Iskandar Puteri in the education, creative, tourism and leisure as well as health and wellness sectors. IIB’s prominent accomplishments include the successful joint ventures and investment partnerships in EduCity, LEGOLAND ® Malaysia Resort, Iskandar Puteri, Medini and infrastructure projects under the 9th Malaysia Plan in Iskandar Malaysia. IIB is committed to steering economic and environmentally sustainable growth in Iskandar Malaysia, and ensuring inclusive growth for local Iskandarians through employment and income opportunities.
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Iskandar Space

Iskandar Space is currently the largest coworking community and the most active grass-root entrepreneurship centre in Iskandar Malaysia.

More than just the coolest place to work in Iskandar Puteri, we are here to create a “give-first” business community, accelerating serendipity, facilitate knowledge sharing & collaborations between innovators and entrepreneurs.